Hi I’m Simon, owner of Admire Photography. I’ve been shooting professionally since 2006. Before that I lived in Japan, and toured Thailand, Laos and India, with my SLR camera close by at all time. I literally wore out my first cameras and still love to shoot any chance I get. Photography isn’t a job to me, but a constant passion. I’ve been a teacher in one form or another for most of my life, and love to share what I’ve learned with other photographers, so now I offer classes and workshops to suit. I’ve been a Photoshop user since 2000 and am very skilled with digital touch ups, not that you’ll need them ;) I use advanced lighting techniques to ensure you look great right out of the camera! You’ll be photographed with the very best equipment, and should it fail, fall in the pond or run off in someone else’s hands, then the spares bag is loaded with more top quality gear. You never know what might happen, but you need a photographer who has planned for the worst! I like to have fun while I shoot, it my job and I enjoy it more when I’m smiling as much as my client. I want you to relax and enjoy your session. Everyone is nervous when they get their photograph taken. I personally HAAATE having my photo taken!! I think I ended up a photographer simply because, if I was taking the pictures, I didn’t have to be in them! I love to see a genuine smile light up a photograph, and get great pleasure knowing my client will enjoy seeing it and sharing it with their friends and family. Value is defined as getting the most for your money. Our prices are low, but our standards are high, so please give us a call on 719-502-9045 or use the form below, and see how our services compare. All the best! Simon Andrews Owner of Admire Photography

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