October 01, 2012
Photographing in Rainy Colorado Springs
It’s not often you can complain about rain affecting your photography plans in Colorado Springs. Even when it rains here it’s pretty much on schedule and you can plan your photo trips around the afternoon storm clouds. even so, I got caught out the other day while planning for one of the Landscape Photography Workshops I’ve been running recently. While huddling under a tree as best I could, I got surrounded by a few birds. They liked to stay their distance but fortunately I’d brought my telephoto lens with me. Even when you don’t plan to shoot anything with your telephoto, it’s always better to have it and not need it! unless I’m hiking far into the mountains I’m lugging as much gear as i can each time I go to photograph anything. So can anyone identify the birds? Closest I’ve found to the one with red on it’s chest is the “Say’s Phoebe”, there’s no banding on the wings, so I’m just not sure!